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Elodie Pong


Elodie Pong, artista svizzera di origine cinese, ha iniziato la sua carriera come scultrice, esplorando il desiderio femminile con toni apertamente provocatori. Dopo una cinquantina di esposizioni personali e collettive, dal 1996 ha scelto altre modalità espressive: fotografia, video, installazione, performance. Il progetto pluriennale sui segreti, nato al festival Les Urbaines a Losanna con ADN/ARN (Any Deal Now/Any Reality Now), si è evoluto in diverse forme installative e performative. Il film è stato presentato al festival Visions du Réel di Nyon.

Elodie Pong (born in 1966 in Boston, USA) is a Swiss artist and filmmaker known for her subtle, analytic works, often built as cycles or in series, which focus on human relationships, cultural codes and their impact on contemporary society. As a university-trained sociologist and anthropologist, she often deals with social structures in her artistic work. The wide-ranging oeuvre of the video artist revolves around questions of identity and collective identity construction, intimacy and separation, self stylization and unstable communication situations in a pluralistic and individualized society. Until 2004, her projects, installations and video works mainly focused on immediate visualisation of sociological structures such as intimacy, friendship, issues of gender and communication. Her more recent films can be read as multi-layered analysis and deconstruction of these very themes, where the viewer becomes part of the constellation by being offered different readings according to which the works are brought together. Elodie Pong has received several awards and grants; her work is exhibited in group and solo exhibitions worldwide. She lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland.