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Eran Sachs


Eran Sachs è compositore, improvvisatore, sound-artist e curatore a Gerusalemme. Di formazione classica ha attraversato più generi, death metal, grind core e noise, per approdare a una musica elettronica contraddistinta da un uso viscerale, se non brutale, del rumore, in cui utilizza un sistema di No-Input-Mixer sviluppato da . Annovera varie collaborazioni come improvvisatore tra cui Oren Ambarchi, Keith Rowe, Mattin, Thomas Koener, Marc Behrens, Achim Wollscheid. Suona regolarmente con i Lietterschpich Diet e Lietterschpich e nel progetto Cobra di John Zorn. Ha pubblicato per Mille Plateaux e Sub-Rosa e diverse etichette in Israele. Come sound-artist interviene sonicamente su questioni politiche, come nei casi di Yannun Yannun e Dead News, opere sulla situazione palestinese. Sachs organizza eventi musicali a Gerusalemme, dove ha anche aperto la libreria Yad-Vashem, l'unica in Israele dedicata all'Olocausto.

Eran Sachs works as composer, improviser, sound-artist and curator in Jerusalem. As an improviser Sachs has collaborated with Oren Ambarchi, Thomas Koener, Marc Behrens, Achim Wollscheid, Damon Smith, Birgit Ulher, @c, Eric Boros and many many others, mainly playing his self-developed system, the No-Input-Mixer, which he has been playing since 1998. He plays this machine regularily in the Doom-Dub-Noise outfit Lietterschpich and John Zorn’s "Cobra" improvising ensemble in Israel. Started off playing Death Metal, Grind Core and Noise music, then moved on to electronic and experimental. Originally coming from a classical musical background, the world of avant-garde music has been his main focus in music since the early age of 15. He has presented his works and compositions in such festivals as Sonorities (Belfast), Transmediale (Berlin) and Theaterformen (Hannover), as well as spaces and platforms such as Sonic Square (Brusseles), Podewil (Berlin), Melkweg (Amsterdam), Israeli Cinemateques, Kulturbunker (Cologne), Muffathalle (Munich), Sonic Process, Heara and many others around the world. His work "Studio" with sculptor Eytan Ronel was awarded the Excellence Award by the New-York International Fringe Festival. He also has collaborated extensively with sound artist Sebastian Meissner (Klimek, Random INC.), with whom he has recently released “Into The Void” (on Sub Rosa), a reflection on the old abandonded Jewish quarter Kazimierz in the city of Krakow. His works have been released on Mille Plateaux and Sub-Rosa, as well as various labels in Israel. As a sound-artist his works tend fuse the sonic with the political, as in the case of "Yannun Yannun", which portrays the harrasment of Palestinian villagers by fanatic right-wing settlers. He founded and managed the Yad-Vashem bookstore - the only holocaust dedicated bookstore in Israel.