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Gert-Jan Prins


Gert-Jan Prins, olandese classe 1961, ha studiato batteria con Han Bennink per poi spostarsi nel campo della musica elettronica. Accanto ai suoi progetti in solo, suona con MIMEO Music in Movement Electronic Orchestra, il duo Synchronator (con l'artista visivo olandese Bas van Koolwijk), e il duo The Flirts (con Cor Fuhler). Ha collaborato con  Pita, Thomas Lehn, Lee Ranaldo, Anne la Berge, Fennesz, the Vacuum Boys, Peter van Bergen, Domenico Sciajno, Marcus Schmickler, Thomas Ankersmit, Giuseppe Ielasi, Carlos Giffoni, Luc Houtkamp and Misha Mengelberg, e con gli artisti visivi: Bas van Koolwijk, Rob Flint, Xavier Quérel, Manel Esparbé i Gasca, Petra Dolleman, Martha Colburn, Cyrus Frisch. Ha suonato in festival e club internazionali in Europa, Nord America, Sus-Africa, Russia, Australia. A Bologna è stato ospite di Netmage 05.

Gert-Jan Prins focuses on the sonic and musical qualities of electronic noise and percussion and investigates its relationship with the visual. While he started his career as a drummer, his works include performances, sound-installations, compositions, electronic circuits and collaborations with other composers, musicians and visual artists. Besides his long-term collaboration with video artist Bas van Koolwijk, with whom he designed the Synchronator (a device that transforms audio into a video signal),current projects include: Black Smoking Mirror with Martijn van Boven, a new group with drummer Balász Pándi and Peter van Bergen,  several collaborations with de Player Rotterdam, the Synchronator Orchestra. He has collaborated with Pita, Thomas Lehn, Lee  Ranaldo, Cor Fuhler, Keith Rowe, Tomas Korber, Fennesz, Jérôme Noetinger,  Peter van Bergen, Domenico Sciajno, Marcus Schmickler, Mats Gustafsson, Alan Courtis, Thomas Ankersmit, Koen Nutters, Raed Yassin, Sharif Sehnaoui, Dirar Kalash, Giuseppe Ielasi, Carlos Giffoni,Luc Houtkamp, Misha Mengelberg, Anne la Berge, David Dramm, Fred van Hove and many others. With audio / visual artists: Martijn van Boven, Peter Fengler, Dennis de Bel, Bas van Koolwijk, Gijs Gieskes,  Greg Pope, Tina Frank, Billy Roisz, Rob Flint, Xavier Quérel, Manel Esparbé i Gasca, Petra Dolleman, Martha Colburn, Cyrus Frisch. He is a longtime member of M.I.M.E.O. (the 12-piece Movement in Music Electronic Orchestra). Performances, on international festivals & clubs throughout Europe, North America, South-Africa, Russia, Central Asia, Australia.