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Eternal Music / Folk&Drones

Archivio Privato: Gino Dal Soler

12/10/2003 - 12/10/2003
Archivi Privati, Raum Bologna

Il critico musicale Gino dal Soler presenta un ascolto dal  titolo  Archivi Del Sogno, Eternal Music, Folk&Drones.

La playlist:

Charlemagne Palestine-Music For Big Ear
Terry Riley-Crucifixion Voices
Theatre Of Eternal Music-Tortoise’s Dreams and Journeys…
Terry Jennings-Tune In E’
Jon Gibson-Terry’s G Dorian Blues
Angus MacLise-The First Subtle Cabinet
Henry Flynt-You Are My Everlovin’
Pandit Pran Nath-Aba Kee Taik Hamaree
Jon Hassell-Vernal Equinox
Mother Mallard’s-Ceres Motion
Kawabata Makoto-I’m Your Inner Most
Pauline Oliveros-Primordial
M.J.Schumacher-E-Flat Drone
Six Organs Of Admittance-Dark Noontide
Lou Reed-Metal Machine Music
Rhys Chatham-Die Donnergötter
TonyConrad with Faust-From The Side Of Man and Woman Kind
The Necks-Aquatic
Can-Bel Air
Alan Licht-Freaky Friday