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Norma Jeane


Norma Jeane è l’alias di un artista che non desidera essere identificato. Norma Jean non ha uno studio e collabora spesso con altre persone. La sua biografia recita: Nata a Los Angeles il 5 agosto 1962, lo stesso giorno in cui è morta Marylin Monroe. Per di più nella stessa villa.’ Ma se assomigli all’attrice -mito hollywoodiano- non lo possiamo sapere. E’ stata a Milano, a New York, in Svizzera, per un po.  

Norma Jeane is the alias of an artist who does not wish to be identified. In fact, Norma Jeane has no studio and often collaborates with other people. For each new work the artist integrates the professional experience and skills of the collaborator. The biography reads: Born in Los Angeles in the early hours of the morning of 5 June 1962 - which happens to be exactly when Marilyn Monroe died. The reference to the true identity of the American actress (who was christened Norma Jeane Baker) might suggest that this artist has decided to explore her most intimate characteristics and what led to her becoming both idol and icon. However, in spite of having chosen to appropriate the name of the most photographed woman of her day, Norma Jeane opts for a total physical absence. He or she never appears in public. Events feature a version of the artist or, usually, someone he or she has been collaborating with – from professional dancers to economics professors. Norma Jeane can be everyone or no-one. For each new project, the artist conceives and co-ordinates collaborative works, installations and performance art that have a strong social message and are, therefore, the antithesis of the celebrity and glamour central to Monroe’s image.