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David Brown


David Brown, nome di spicco nella scena avant australiana sin dagli anni settenta con gruppi influenti quali Signals, False Start e Dumb and the Ugly. Attivo come improvvisatore solista, ha composto musica per molte installazioni, performances e progetti teatrali. Col nome Candlesnuffer, David ha  pubblicato il suo primo disco in solo (Dr Jim’s, 2001). Suona con i Sonic Youth nei loro tour australiani

Candlesnuffer is the physical incarnation of the music of David Brown. David's history around the Melbourne scene extends back to the mid-70's when fresh out of school he joined AC/DC, only to be given the boot three weeks later for excessive artistic endeavour. He later formed Signals with fellow fine art students David Wadelton and Chris Knowles. In 1987 and 1988 he was playing with Dumb and the Ugly. This band's reformation and recordings were funded by Dr Jim's Records soon after the label was founded in 1989. Bucketrider version 1 began not long after Dumb and the Ugly dissolved. This allowed Brown to move from bass to guitar, after he tired of being seen as a secondary musician in Dumb and the Ugly. His musical gifts have been a virtual secret due to his never having travelled abroad. However he has frequently been seen in Melbourne with many visiting and local avant-garde musicians, performing with K K Null, Phill Niblock, Jon Rose, Louis Peake, Philip Samartzis and Oren Ambarchi. With Sean Baxter he created the incredible duo Lazy who will one day make a record that kicks off a revolution. Under Phillip Brophy's patronage David recently completed a Master of Arts in Performance at RMIT University. This culminated in a highly successful performance at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Arts. Meanwhile Bucketrider go from strength to strength and have recently released their third CD on Dr Jim's.