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Jérome Deuson (aka aMute), musicista belga, ha pubblicato A Hundred Dry Trees sull'etichetta intr_version, un perfetto mix di elettronica minimale. e post-rock. Dopo aver allargato l'organico della band ha pubblicato The Sea Horse Limbo, Infernal Heights For a Drama, Black Diamonds Blues e Savage Bliss. Cura inoltre la Still Label, occupandosi di sound design e graphic art.

Jerome Deuson gave birth to aMute with the aim of releasing some tunes, playing out some and messing about with mates, and that's exactly what he did but the project became serious in 2004 with the release of its first critticaly acclaimed album A Hundred Dry Trees. Often compared to the works of Christian Fennesz with a more pop approach, Deuson's following album The Sea Horse Limbo offered Deuson's the envy to play Amute as a band. What had to happen happened as in 2009 Infernal Heights For A Drama was born as a band album for which the now then quatuor performed Europe widely. These years of experience combined with a desire of always reinventing its music led to the release of its more experimental album to date in 2011 : Black Diamond Blues on the Belgian label Humpty Dumpty Records. 2014 marks the return of Jérôme as Amute or aMute with a even more dark album called Savage Bliss on Three:Four Records. The strong sound and bright escape of this new record defines a world on its own and definitive personal style with harder comparison to make. A move in its growing career. Besides music, Deuson's passion for graphic design and music gave him the opportunity to lead the Stilll Label which released more than 15 records and international artists. Sound design and graphic art are also one of his many passions.