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Jean-Philippe Gross


Jean-Philippe Gross musicista francese, vive e lavora a Metz. Dapprima batterista, si è poi mosso lentamente verso l'elettroacustica e l'improvvisazione. Dal 1999 al 2001 ha partecipato ad un collettivo di musica e teatro diretto da Jean-Marc Montera e Hubert Colas. Membro della PAGAILLE Orchestra, TEENage Project, suona regolarmente con la band free-noise Maelstrom, in duo con Alexandre Bellenger, Arnaud Rivière, Utah Kawasaki, Agnès Palier, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Xavier Charles, in trio con  Will Guthrie e Ferran Fages, Jean Luc Guionnet e Frederic Blondy. Membro fondatore, nel 2001, dell'associazione Fragment a Metz (etichetta e spazio).

Jean-Philippe Gross, french artist originally a drummer, has played in the field of electronic music since 2000. His music is physical, tense and fragmented. He maintains a sensitive relationship with silence, sculpting space and time with precision.His collaborators include John Hegre (Black Packers), Clare Cooper (Nevers), Jean-Luc Guionnet (Angle), Arnaud Paquotte (Hunt), Jérôme Noetinger, Axel Doerner among others. Concerned also with movement, he has collaborated with choreographer Marie Cambois and the dance project We Killed a Cheerleader since 2008. Recent works include music and composition for theater with Léa Drouet (Comment dire 2014, Derailment 2015) and Gael Leveugle (Loretta Strong, 2015), as well as composition for the ensemble Dedalus (Cutting Lines, 2013 & 2015). He is a member of La Distillerie Collective since 2013. From 2001 to 2009 he was engaged as a program curator for Fragment (Metz, France).