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Kapital Band 1


Martin Brandlmayr è uno tra i musicisti più attivi lungo l'asse elettroacustico che unisce Vienna a Berlino. Incontra Nicholas Bussmann nella capitale tedesca durante una residenza del viennese Brandlmayr e i due scoprono di condividere lo stesso interesse verso quel tipo di musica che loro definiscono, non senza ironia, "pop", o "funk". Infatti il sound di KB1 può essere interpretato "matematicamente" come una funzione del pop - pop ritrascinato alla sua essenza più elementare, lasciando così spazio all'intrusione di nuove contaminazioni affatto diverse e aliene alla determinazione storica della musica "commerciale". Ad ogni modo, questa terminologia  classica serve a definire i parametri più o meno nascosti del complessissimo sistema di coordinate di KB1, che comprende un'esplorazione a 360° dell'universo musicale e performativo, e dei suoi parafernalia (fotografie, copertine, concezione del supporto...). Il loro primo album 2CD contiene due cd a prima vista assolutamente identici. Ma uno contiene la musica di KB1, l'altro è vuoto. E' un cd-r.

Kapital Band 1 is a project by Martin Brandlmayr and Nicholas Bussmann. The musicians met 7 years ago playing a number of duo concerts under different names. While the instant approach was to make an abstract derivate of funk music it happened to be something quite unique - but not funk. By using random algorithms the drums and the electronics interact in way that forces the musicians to play with an attention to the moment which you only know from improvised music, while keeping the skeleton of a pop song. In 2004 2CD was released, the bands debut album on Mosz-Records/Vienna. Kapital Band 1 received a honorable mention at Prix Ars Electronica for their debut album. Their music has since developed far beyond its starting point and infact there was a second album already in the works and near completion, but the musicians decided to trash it altogether and go a step further. Playing By Numbers is the result - the third album.

Martin Brandlmayr, musician in Vienna. Bands. He worked in projects with Radian, Trapist, Polwechsel, Kapital band 1, Autistic daughters and collaborated with Christian Fennesz, Franz Hautzinger, Burkhard Beins, David Sylvian, John Tilbury, Tony Buck, John Butcher, Peter Brandlmayr, Werner Dafeldecker, Otomo Yoshihide, Dieb 13, Axel Dšrner, Gina Hell, Christof Kurzmann, John McEntire, Toshimaru Nakamura, Andrea Neumann, Sachiko M, Stefan Schneider, Burkhard Stangl,...

Nicholas Bussmann is a musician and composer in Berlin. He began as a cello player. As many others he put his instrument aside and went for the new possibilities the computer and electronic devices offered. These days he is very much focusing on performing music rather then recording and is working on conceptional compositions and games. Repetitive structures and patterns of daily live are often reflected in his work. He's performing as Kapital Band 1 with Martin Brandlmayr and Alles 3 with Toshimaru Nakamua. He worked for radio, theater and film. Nicholas Bussmann works also as producer and curator in Berlin.