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White For

una performance di Karl Karner e Linda Samaraweerová

13/11/2014 - 13/11/2014
Raum Bologna

Giovedi 13 novembre 2014 Raum presenta il primo appuntamento del focus sulla nuova scena performativa viennese commissionato a Xing da INTPA Austria e Tanzquartier Wien, che nel corso di novembre e dicembre porterà a Bologna tre progetti interdisciplinari inediti. Si parte con White For, azione di Karl Karner e Linda Samaraweerová con Royl Culbertson e Rosi Rehformen (prima italiana).

Oggetti, persone e ambiente, sono i semplici elementi da cui Karl Karner, artista visivo, e Linda Samaraweerová, performer e coreografa, partono per la realizzazione di White For, perfomance, o scultura dinamica polimorfica e cangiante, capace di immergerci invece in uno scenario decisamente astruso.

How does the immediate environment affect a person’s being? How much does it affect our action? In White For the fine artist Karl Karner and the choreographer Linda Samaraweerová question the logics of participation in a familiar and felt environment. People and objects are understood here as equal actors: not only the person but also “things” construct and form the behaviour patterns. With materials and strategies of each of their artistic disciplines, the objects and spaces are grasped in their original form and function and manipulated until they are distorted and thereby reveal the inherent social orders and developments. Together with the sound artists Rosi Rehformen and Royl Culbertson, Karner and Samaraweerová get things on stage to speak. Between bamboo sticks, plastic components, catalytic converters and a mountain bike and in interaction with the performers, sound landscapes and structures thus develop that are simultaneously absurd, frightening, poetic and humorous.